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This is your opportunity to work for a company that was named the #1 fastest growing privately owned company in Michigan, with more than a 6,000% growth rate. Our rapid growth can translate into big income opportunities for you. If you’re looking to jump into a fast-paced environment, exercise your competitive edge and reach your full potential — this is your chance.

Current Openings:

Senior Vice President of People (Troy, MI):
The Senior Vice President of People will lead the Human Resources department in the development and evolution of a healthy, effective and compliant workplace culture that is an enabler in achieving the targeted outcomes of an aggressive business plan.
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Director of Contact Center Technology (Troy, MI):
The Director of Contact Center Technology will be part of the Sales and Marketing team.  We’re looking for someone who enjoys the competitiveness of the sales function and the excitement of watching each new marketing campaign generate leads for the company. We need someone who can understand product offerings and ensure the internal technology and tracking supports the associated piece of content and the metrics associated with each campaign.  Lastly, we need someone who is technical and detail-oriented enough to do that hard work associated with managing data quality and integrity, testing each campaign before it is going live, and managing integration between the various tools.
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Portfolio Administration Specialist (Troy, MI):
The Portfolio Administration Specialist will report to the Portfolio Manager of our Servicing Operations team. The right candidate will support and implement the servicing, assignment, and cancellations of all of our outsourced files within our attorney and collection agency networks, as well as track the performance of our network. This individual will handle vendor requests for additional back up documentation as needed and will support the Portfolio Manager in the servicing of all Bankruptcy claims received.
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Interactive Designer (Troy, MI or New York, NY):
We are hiring 2 Interactive Designers to be based either in Michigan or NYC.

One role will be focused around RetailCapital’s acquisition lifecycle; landing page development, direct response creation – effectively the entire Interactive design and front end development for RetailCapital’s lead generation and acquisition efforts.

The second complementary role will focus on delivering an amazing experience for RetailCapital’s existing customers, and will require expertise in creating and maintaining our digital presence, the ability to develop an impactful merchandising/loyalty experience, and creating the next generation of our logged-in customer site.
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Content Marketing Director (New York, NY):
The Content Marketing Director will have the ability to define and execute the content strategy for RetailCapital from the ground-up, while building their own personal brand. This role will be one of the most critical for the company in the execution of our strategy, and we are looking for the best.
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Marketing Strategy and Insights Manager (New York, NY):
The Marketing Strategy and Insights Manager will spearhead our customer insights and strategy practice that will translate into our to-market strategy, product roadmap and on-going customer satisfaction efforts.

The ideal candidate may have a background at a top-tier management consulting firm, a strategy background at an agency, or have led a customer insights program for a high growth company. We are open to diverse candidates, who want to be at a growth-stage company; and need someone with passion, energy who will be the voice of our customer both internally and externally at RetailCapital.
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ISO Support Specialist (Troy, MI):
The ISO Support Specialist will have an emphasis on servicing our primary customers, known as ISOs. The objective of this role is to increase the number of deals that we fund by providing a superior level of service to these partners.
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Staff Accountant (Troy, MI):
The Staff Accountant will support the accounting function, performing a wide range of activities around general ledger accountability and financial reporting. This individual will report to the Controller, and provide a proactive operational approach to financial management. The Staff Accountant will help take the Company to the next level by driving a culture which closes the books quickly and accurately, produces supporting detail for the actual results, and ensures compliance with GAAP and internal controls.
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